As a rule it does not suffice to just „translate“ an application – it should rather be adapted in all its aspects to the target market – i.e. localized . This means, among others, to use the current, generally accepted idiom of the target market, so that the first Opening oft the Application presents a native „Look & Feel“. Israel is recognized as a breeding ground for advanced applications, especially when it comes to IT, but is for the average user in Germany, Austria and Switzerland also somewhat exotic – you would rather not convey this impression, would you? In case of German there is the additional problem of the length of this language – you must struggle to adapt English GUI messages into German while staying within the length constraints of the original GUI.

Therefore, a high-quality localization must be done by experienced professionals who will not spare any effort to clarify the meaning of a message until conveying its correct meaning is assured.

This is exactly what I can offer you – if necessary I will „nudge“ your programmers – in Hebrew – as long as it takes to do the job.